Puzzlers Society

Helping create a new brand identity

What is Puzzlers Society?

Puzzlers Society will be offering team building events for companies, but will also have offers for private customers that wanna spend a day with their friends or family. Their events are build around some kind of mystery where the participants have to figure out the truth.

Full prototype here: https://baprojekt.kamillaskorner.dk/

My role

  • Brainstorming and wireframing
  • UX/UI design
  • Responsive design
  • Visual identity incl. logo
  • Prototyping

Product page

For the main product it was important to give a teaser of what the participants would experience, without giving away too much of the story. It was also important that the user could easily see price, length and where the event would take place.

Responsive design

Seeing that a lot of people use their phone to seek information, it was important to have a responsive design.

Design process

Before even making the prototype, there was some sketching to show to the client to see what they felt about the general idea. On the pictures below, you’ll see the front page sketch, the product page sketch and the contact page sketch


There was  also made a few wireframes, mostly for the mobile version of the site as this was a priority – but there’s also a few of the desktop site.

Mock ups

Here are the mock ups made before making the final prototype

User research

While developing the website it was important to test both the design and the usability. For this project the tests conducted was a think a loud test and a desirability test


If you’re interested in reading the full results you can download them here:

Results       Raw data (Danish)