A concept to help kids with eachothers homework

What is Lektienørden?

Lektienørden was a concept meant to help kids get help online while their parents are busy.

My role

  • UX/UI design
  • Prototyping
  • Concept development

Reddit but for homework

Lektienørden would resemble reddit but focused on helping fellow students with their homework. You were able to answer and post threads while also being able to chat privately.


To help with the financial part, the concept was set to be freemium. The premium subscription would give little extra stuff like being able to add friends and use specially designed emojis.

User research

For this concept we decided to focus on how much the user missed a concept til this. A questionnaire and interviews were conducted.


All results are in Danish but if that’s no problem, you can find them here:

Qustionnaire       Interviews