Odense Aafarts kanoudlejning

Re-designing a website

What is Odense Aafarts kanoudlejning?

Odense Aafarts kanoudlejning rents canoes on Odense river. They have different routes to choose between depending on how long the customer wants the trip to be. 

My role

  • UX/UI design
  • Responsive design
  • Prototyping

Colors to match the brand

Since Odense Aafart is already an established brand, I had to follow their their design manual and utilize the colors that was already associated with them.   

Making people read the FAQ

One of the biggest issues was customers calling Odense Aafart with questions even though the website had the info they were looking for. Therefore in the re-design, there was a lot of hints to check out the FAQ.  

Design process

Here you can see some of the sketches and wireframes made before the final mock ups.

Maps for each route

I also created maps for each route. You can see them here: